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Facebook offers 15 jobs in Brazil - Economy  October 12, 2014 – 12:30 pm

The social network Facebook offers jobs in Brazil. According to the company's site, the 15 opportunities are meant for office in São Paulo. The call on the company's site says: "Facebook São Paulo offers a ton of great benefits and perks to make sure that your life is as rewarding as your work." The vacancies are for marketing, development, media, monetization, small and medium enterprises and international sales. The positions are described by Facebook to: account management, creative strategist, operations developer / manager agency relationship manager and

development of strategic partner, manager growth in Latin America / Brazil, media solutions, monetization / senior analyst price, SMB / executive assistant, marketing analyst, account management, and user support analyst and analyst support customer Latin America and international sales - Account Manager / self, account manager for consumer, client partner / travel and senior partner client.

More information about the application on the Facebook page .

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