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About Surecomp - International Trade Solutions  August 29, 2013 – 00:24
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International Trade Solutions

About Us

Surecomp is the leading provider of systems and solutions to automate trade transactions in financial institutions and banks. Since 1987, Surecomp has been a pioneer in the complex arena of foreign trade bank. With over two decades of experience, Surecomp has delivered to its customers and proven business solutions designed to increase the profitability of foreign trade business in banks and financial institutions in the world. Recognized as the leader in innovation in the niche, Surecomp has maintained an enviable record in implementing their solutions projects with global, regional and domestic, on time and within budget. Surecomp and solutions monetizing foreign trade business by automating operational tasks of foreign trade operations minimizing costs and enrich the Bank's value proposition to its customers foreign trade, thus maximizing return on investment in the form sustainable.

Surecomp solutions support a wide range of international trade transactions including letters of credit, stand by, guarantees, collections, international transfers, financing, rediscount, invoice discounting, etc.. All these in the field of back office and electronic banking (front to back platform of foreign trade).

Foreign Trade Solutions

Surecomp is the recognized leader in the development and delivery of integrated Foreign Trade .

Comprehensive Foreign Trade Solution
: Integrated solution that includes the best systems of foreign trade electronic banking (corporate client interface) and back office of its kind.

all NETT
: Foreign trade system based on Internet Diseñ ed for corporate customers of the bank and its branches initiate and manage the portfolio of foreign trade.

: Client server solutions for large commercial finance companies for administration and management

  • bank guarantees / warranties of consortia / guarantees beneficiaries
  • letters of credit for import and export
  • collection of import and export

COR-TF ensured by standard electronic communication methods with all banks in the world. The overall structure of the consortium is an integral component of the application. Other points:

  • management functionality for credit lines at banks and consortia
  • automated creation of commercial documentation, including revised manual change log
  • report generator for ad-hoc analysis and internal communication
  • efficient and flexible integration into existing system structure
  • external control and automatic settlement rates of internal services

: Back office solution foreign trade and the world's leading financial institutions designed for high-volume transactional and complex configurations (global reach geographically dispersed resources, etc).

Doka 5
: Doka 5 is a modular client server-based structured back-office solution for multiple clients that covers the entire spectrum of the international market. Also can be processed transfers, retransmissions, participations and assignments. Doka 5 has a limit system and an efficient integrated report generator. It is also possible to work with different time zones and basic currencies.


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