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Technological Observatory 25 to March 31  August 29, 2013 – 00:26

Beatriz Martínez

Technological Observatory 25 to March 31

By Beatriz Martínez Martín

Tearing his week with the leak of the new features of Windows Blue and that we just we've come to Windows 8. He recently leaked a new build of Blue, Number 9364, which gives us clues of some new features that Microsoft is including in the system. We find new sizes of tiles, both larger and smaller.Windows Blue There are new colors available to customize the background and accent of the system, and now you can run two applications fullscreen Modern UI, each occupying half of the screen. SkyDrive also makes an appearance, much more integrated into the system and control panel.smartphones Internet Explorer 11 will come installed by default. And finally, the charms get an option "Play" devices, we assume that enable DLNA multimedia sending and another option to make screenshots. They are small but useful changes, shows that Microsoft is listening to the complaints about Windows 8. Of course, we all expect more news for the official launch, which is probably this summer.

And in the course of the week, l Redmond I have confirmed through their corporate blog Windows Blue's official. This space have revealed some of the outlines of this project will materialize in the form of an update that will enhance the convergence between Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 have been seeing for some time. At first glance, the information published Microsoft is not far from what we saw in the pictures that have been leaked on Windows Blue but, yes, Microsoft confirmation that yes Windows Blue is official information that sits pretty that was circulating.galaxy However, Microsoft also warns that Windows Blue is not just a domestic name and therefore will not be the product name. It is important to note that Windows Blue confirmation confirmation also means a change in philosophy at Microsoft, which already start to see in company with Office 365 and continuous improvement of its products, that is, instead of having to wait years between a product and its development, Microsoft bet on the regular updates so that, with some regularity, new features are added and corrected some things in their products without having to make substantial leaps (as may be the change from Windows 7 to Windows 8). And will we see some Windows Blue at the conference to be held in the month of June? Everything seems to think so, especially if we consider that this update is rumored to codenamed "Windows Blue" could be released in the second half of the year, therefore, as to date there is considerable overlap and, perhaps, you can see a preview of this update coming to Windows 8 and closer improve more to Windows Phone.

The French manufacturer Archos is planning to launch its first smartphones in 2013 , is the company that confirms it. Building on the presentation of financial results also talked about his strategy in the short to medium term, in addition to the announcement of a new CEO, Henri Crohas, and a new COO, Loic Poirier. Regarding the economy, the year 2012 had a 10% drop in revenue, with about 154.9 million euros. There has been a slight decrease in Europe but sales grow 40% in Asia. As for benefits, positive numbers with 5.7 million euros. The company maintains eight percent of the market share in tablets below 400 euros, which is the third position after Apple and Samsung, a more than remarkable for such a small company. The French liked the thematic product formula tablets. The idea goes further customize the devices, which can go under the brand Archos, or with its own identity. During 2013 it will invest in home automation and home automation, wireless devices careful with energy use and the development of associated services that take advantage of them.

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Cutting edge robotic waterjet system drives Scania's truck cab production.: An article from: Manufacturing Automation
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DUTIES: Perform a variety of tasks associated with the installation, relocation and/or removal of office automation personal computer equipment. Receive and respond to calls from users regarding computer problems. May provide training to users on software programs. Assist n...onal computer software. Must be able to safely lift up to 50 pounds. The Office will work with the person selected on a mutually agreeable schedule. DESIRABLE QUALIFICATIONS: If you are interested in supporting desk top applications and at the same time learning about the work of the Attorney General's Office, this is an opportunity for on-the-job experience in an Information Technology position

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