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LojaFácil - Nota Fiscal Eletronica  August 29, 2013 – 00:24

What is Electronic Invoice Services (NF-e)?
Electronic Invoice Services (NF-e) is the document issued and stored electronically in its own system of the Municipality of the City of São Paulo, with the goal of recording transactions relating to the provision of services. The NF-and should not be confused with the Nota Fiscal Paulista, the responsibility of the State Government, which records transactions relating to the movement of goods: supermarkets, shops, restaurants etc.. For more information on the Nota Fiscal Paulista, visit the address .

What is the difference between Electronic Invoice (NF-e) and Nota Fiscal Paulista (NFP)?
The NF-e (Electronic Invoice) of the Municipality of the City of São Paulo is issued by service providers, and generates credits for abatement of property tax in the county. Examples: private schools, parks, gyms, clinics aesthetic, mechanical workshops, among others. Already NFP (Nota Fiscal Paulista) of the State Government of São Paulo is issued by commercial establishments (usually when you purchase product), which focuses on operations in the GST. Examples: restaurants, supermarkets and petrol stations.

Who is required to issue the NF-?

All providers of services listed in the table attached to the SF Ordinance No. 72/2006 that earn gross revenues equal to or greater than R $ 240, 000.00 in the previous year, considering all establishments of the corporation located in São Paulo . But also relieved providers may choose to use the NF-e.


LojaFácil: automation system that manages business in a simple and effective routines from their store.

Fully approved with Electronic invoice, request a demo, or download the system right now.

The LojaFácil is more than a commercial automation system.
Our concern is the automation of your store, from choosing the most appropriate equipment, implementation support, to update new versions by changing legislation or technological upgrading.
For this addition to the complete documentation (manual), we offer unlimited options for training in our office, help desk, remote support online wherever you meet (you must have an Internet connection).

Check out the integration with loyalty card:

With LojaFácil you can:

Expedite service;
Better manage inventory;
Optimize working capital;
Reduce operating costs;
Increase the profit margin.

Environment Xp / Vista / Seven 32 Bits ®
Developed in Delphi ® 2005
Firebird ® database
Multi-store, multi-user.

TEF: Visa, Mastercard, HIPERCARD, Sorocred, Cabal, Sicred, Amex and Tecban.
ECF: Certified with major fiscal printers market.
PAF: Approved.

Shop Module
Tracking sales and inventory by color / size and decimal amounts.
Control box (sangria, background change, reinforcement) and consultation anytime.
Commission salespeople / managers.
Query and update customer master.
Check the purchase history of the customer.
Issue and read the barcode of the product.
Issuance of tax coupon (ECF) / NF. / Electronic Invoice.
Consultation and printing checks.
Control and record all activities during the stores.
Consultation inventory by color and size.
Price Inquiry.
Recording and rescue budgets.
Budgets by sending e-mail.
Exchanging and returning products.
Allows payments in various shapes and unlimited portions.
Inventory total and partial.
Receipt of products.
Integration with credit cards and debit (EFT).
Customer credit issuance and sale of meat.
Update Accounts Receivable.
Transfer of goods between stores.
Service Invoice Paulista
Service Invoice Electronic
Sales by customer credit
Discount per item and total discount on sale
Photo of the product at the POS
Control Lists Wedding Gifts / Birthdays
Client control by Credit Limit
Control password
Purchase Order
Module Office
System configuration.
Setup Invoice.
Configuration and issuing labels barcode.
Registration of colors, grades, departments, sections, subsections, suppliers, products and customers.
Registration and control promotions.
Changing prices of products with rounding.
Export data to Microsoft ® Office
Export XML data format.
Data exchange between stores and back via the Internet.
Products by KIT
Control Credit Cards
Issue of Barcode


Prentice Hall Administrative Office Management (8th Edition)
Book (Prentice Hall)

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A little resume help, please....

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You are correct

It is amazing how much we rely on electrons to do our work for us. So much on ships is becoming computerized and automated. If a ship has two independant electronic charts with back up power (I forget the other requirements) then you are not required to carry paper charts. Seems fantastic, except that the last ship I was on we had some problem with our automation and on three seporate ocasions w...sea stories for another forum). Sure the electronic chart was working, but how long will the back up battery last? What good is that electronic chart with out headding input, with out depth, with out knowing what other ships are arround, with out being able to take bearings off of lights and land?
On the same ship our Sat-B system failed (It could well be related to the three power failures)

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