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Services & Range of
  • Systems Integration
    We organize transfer of data between different IT systems and support data exchange with simple file formats and XML. The automated data exchange takes place between any platform. Trade data are transmitted to the receiving system according to the individual workflow requirements.
  • Open Source Technology Integration
    For the automation of business processes, we use open source technologies like PHP, Apache, OpenOffice, Tomcat, MySQL, job scheduler (SOS GmbH) as well as commercial products such as Java, Oracle, SQL Server. Open source components are used in professional, business-critical applications in medium and larger businesses to use.
  • Application Manangement
    For our customers, we take responsibility to run the software for all operating divisions. The services are rendered independently by our team and include the care, maintenance and further development of the applications. The advantage for our customers is that no proprietary know-how and no employee should be kept for the operation and further development of the applications. Regularly conducted audits are used to verify and update the range of tasks.
  • Implementation of individual customer projects
    • Office Automation
      We specialize in projects for office automation, in particular the mass production of letters and documents from being forwarded to an external print provider.
      F ACTORY O FFICE . Others come to use the SOS Products D ocument F actory and D ocument F actory O FFICE . All stages of document production to shipping are handled largely automated.
    • Automation of business processes
      We automate business processes for professional, business-critical applications in medium-sized and larger companies. We work with open source technologies and commercial products - but also with combinations. At a central point in many projects for the automation of business processes is developed by SOS GmbH Job Scheduler .
  • Consulting
    We assist our clients through the analysis of vulnerabilities in enterprise workflow and investigate the used software solutions. We develop proposals for optimization and automation of process-oriented workflows. We prepare feasibility studies and prototypes (POC) and advise on the efficient use of new products in the field of open source software, software stacks as well as commercial products.


GAO: NARA not doing its job.(UP FRONT: News, Trends & Analysis)(Government Accountability Office and National Archives and Records Administration ): An article from: Information Management Journal
Book (Association of Records Managers & Administrators (ARMA))

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A little resume help, please....

I have a couple of ideas how to improve my resume but wanted to run it past anyone who cares to respond here. I am working doing some temp work now (as you can see, as a admin. assistant.) And as you can see my history is pretty low level IT crap. Anyhow, I need better wording, probably a skills section...(Which is pretty limited to, uh, PC, MS Office.)
Name, etc
Work Experience
Administrative Assistant, XXXXXXX Company (Temporary Staffers for YOU!), City, CA
-Provide administrative support and perform various office duties.
Data Conversion Operator/Casual, US Postal Service, City, ST (not CA)
2001 to 2002

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