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Technology is killing the middle class  February 24, 2011 – 00:00

Then the first technology and globalization are the most cruel executioners American middle class. qui devrait également intéresser les Européens. This is the verdict of an economics professor David Autor (MIT) in a report should also be of interest to Europeans.

Today, the U.S. labor market is essentially split between odd jobs poorly paid (security guards, cashiers, HANDLERS, etc.) and highly skilled and paid jobs (researchers, managers, lawyers, etc.) where " a polarization of employment opportunities "and thus an erosion of the middle class.

A graphic from the report (p.15) de David Autor révèle une forte décroissance des opportunités et des revenus dans « la vallée centrale » des cols blancs et des cols bleus. The Polarization of Job Opportunities in the U.S. Labor Market (p.15) David Autor reveals a sharp drop in income and opportunities in the "Central Valley" white-collar and blue-collar workers. In many European countries, many studies have also reported increased suffering of the middle class victims of a serious slowdown in their wage growth, a continued increase in the cost of living (especially because of mandatory spending such as electricity, water, gas, power, transportation, taxes & fees sometimes saddled more than half of their income) and especially the almost endemic insecurity of white-collar employment and blue collar workers.

les classes moyennes ont raison d'avoir peur.Jean-Marc Vittori"the middle classes have reason to be afraid.Because in our society, there is nothing "average" anymore.More products means, means more jobs.There are only large ways and small ways.Anything that does not grow is doomed to lose weight.There is more stability.There are more assured improvement over more automatic escalator improvement, leading the entire company up.The industrial revolution of the twenty-first century, that of information technology, promotes skilled workforce: those who know how to use a computer and manipulate the flow of information.Suddenly, the social peloton stretches.Society like a pyramid, where all intermediate levels were the middle classes.The information revolution crushed the middle!Some are powered up.Other down.At the pyramid follows an hourglass.

On both sides of the Atlantic, economists sometimes call a Keynesian growth that would create jobs, lower the tax burden ... or increase thereof for richer. In short, nothing very innovative. For Autor, the erosion of the middle class is less the result of a Great Recession that began in 2008 as automation or process outsourcing (engaged in the 70s) routine tasks that were once the preserve of white-collar and blue collar workers. Unfortunately, many of these routine tasks were sequenced, digitized and modeled to the point of being executed by a computer / robot or by an employee of a developing country. Clearly, the usual middle-class skills have become obsolete due to the combined effects of automation and outsourcing ... which is all the advances in ICT and logistics.

Previously, they were the attendants who disappeared from gas stations now completely automated, and photo labs development flickered against the expansion of photography and "photophonie" digital. Today, robots for assembly lines are manufactured by other robots in poorly lit or unlit factories, reason: no need for human workers. Automation and / or relocation of call centers and hotlines eliminated armed switchboard. An executive assistant equipped with a laptop, a "headset", a wireless connection and an office suite give cold sweats to his sisters in 80s or 90s. Tomorrow, cashiers are short-circuited by the self-checkout and mobile electronic payment (mobile payment or m-payment telephone) and become a vanity or a luxury for some outlets. It is also likely that software cleverly designed to ensure monitoring and baggage searches.

Source: aulapinblanc.blogspot.com

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