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Come to Netquest

We are more than a technology or Internet company and we know that you are not a candidate. So we need you, because we believe in people like you who are looking for a different place to work, with good atmosphere, constantly growing and above all, with prospects.

And I can show: we were the first to offer the ability to do online surveys to Spanish companies and at the same time create a consumer panel that has become the most used by market researchers.

In four years we have gone from 10 to 60 employees with offices in Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Mexico City and São Paulo.
So, have you decided yet?

Come to Netquest

  • It is part of a solid: we have over 11 years in the industry.
  • Combines the best of the best of Internet Marketing.
  • Participate in an international expansion project.
  • Work in a multidisciplinary team, committed and highly professional.
  • Bet on the ecological balance work and family.
  • Experience the passion for technology.
  • Breathe innovation.
  • Assumes responsibilities and challenges.
  • Take advantage of professional development opportunities.
  • Learn every day of a constantly changing industry.

In Netquest did several continuous selection processes for different departments. We look forward to meet motivated people who may be interested in any of these positions at our offices .

Send your CV to indicating the name of the offer in the message subject. Evaluate your profile and we will contact you shortly.

Active Offers

Test automation engineer - Barcelona

The challenge

Netquest have a tradition for software testing, focused in defending the interests of end-users our own applications. We have a manually refined process to defy exploratory testing new features and a solid unit-tested, integration-proof That Prevents overall development process regressions, but we STRIVE for perfection, so we are looking forward to add to our team an automation specialist testing to define, lead and in Place the company's test automation strategy.

The role

Some skills required to apply for this job:

  • Objective interest in software testing
  • Maximum teamworking capability
  • Self-organization, tasks and time management abilities
  • Strong programming skills (Java, ideally) and good database and network communication comprehension
  • Understanding of test automation as a means, not as an end
  • Will to own and Improve code created by others
  • Eagerness and abitur in learning, about any subject
  • Very good social and communication skills, Both written and verbal
  • Fluent Spanish and Inglés, Catalan is a plus

Other abilities That will make you look better to us:

  • Prior experience in software testing related to web, mobile and / or desktop applications
  • Prior experience in test automation / unit testing (Selenium, TestNG, xUnit, mocking libraries, ATDD / BDD frameworks ...)
  • Knowledge of web / scripting / programming language / s and related (JavaScript, HTML, CSS, jQuery, XML, JSON ...)
  • Other testing knowledge in any field is a plus (Desktop, Mobile, Performance, Security, Usability ...)
  • Basic knowledge market research (surveys, polls, statistical analysis, panels ...)


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