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Honda Corporate | Careers  August 29, 2013 – 00:25
Saffron Institute of Advance Study: MDCIM

Sales Representative (Corporate Mexico DF)

  • Education: Mr. Body Mechanical Engineer, Mr. Psychology
  • English 70%
  • 1-2 years experience.
  • Willing to travel.
  • Evaluate dealers.
  • Train and evaluate vendors and dealers.
  • Advise dealers and sellers in achieving goals.
  • Implentación of strategies to increase sales.

Assistant Customs (Plant Gdl)

  • Education: Bachelor in International Business or related.
  • English 70%
  • Sending dispatch instructions to brokers.
  • Revison of Import-Export pedimientos.
  • Tracking shipments of goods.
  • Domain Foreign Trade Regulations.
  • Track Changes in Foreign Trade Regulations.
  • Auditing Standards and the application of tariff classification.
  • Representation to partners and government entities

Information Technology Coordinator (Plant Gdl)

  • Schooling: Computer Engineering, or related degree in Informatica.
  • English 70%
  • Develop new Data BUS transactions.
  • Maintenance Data BUS.
  • Knowledge database and data transfer.
  • Programming language (Java, C + +, Pascal, etc.)

IT Project Management (Ground Gdl)

  • Schooling: Computer Engineering, or related degree in Informatica.
  • English 70%
  • Integrating Software solutions.
  • Knowledge of SQL database and ORACLE.
  • Software development methodology.
  • Support and Maintenance.
  • Programming language (Java, C + +, Pascal, etc.)

IT Service Management (Ground Gdl)

  • Schooling: Computer Engineering, or related degree in Informatica.
  • English 70%
  • Support and maintain in good working order and Iseries Intel servers.
  • Support and maintain in working order the SAN and Virtualization systems.
  • Managing Windows Server Operating Systems.
  • AS400 Administration.
  • VMWARE Administration.
  • Programming language (Java, C + +, Pascal, etc.)

Payroll Assistant (Ground Celaya)

  • Education: BBA or CP
  • English (Intermediate)
  • Control and calculation of incidents.
  • Payroll Processing and Payment.
  • Sua Management, Idse.
  • Tax Calculation.
  • Income Tax Law, IMSS.
  • Pay FONACOT.

Product Planning Analyst (Corporate City)

  • Education: BBA, Industrial Engineer, Marketer
  • English 80%
  • Advanced Office (dynamic tables)
  • Generating comparative Product Value
  • Especifivaciones product and competencies
  • Price Proposals
  • Automotive industry market knowledge
  • Analysis and evaluation of new products

TSU Machine and Tool (Ground GDL)

  • Education: TSU in Instrumentation, Automation, Industrial Maintenance.
  • Knowledge in Office.
  • Coordinate Measuring Machine.
  • Measuring equipment through scans.
  • Vernier caliper.

HR Generalist (Plant Celaya)

  • Education: Mr. Administraciòn, Public Accounting or related.
  • English 80%
  • Access to Travel
  • Knowledge and experience in HR.
  • Reports to address.
  • Recruitment and selection processes.
  • Knowledge of LFT.
  • Labor Relations.

Purchasing Assistant National and International (Ground Celaya)

  • Education: Mr. International Trade, International Business Administration or Afin.
  • English 80%
  • Access to Travel
  • Generate and track purchase orders. (Master Planer)
  • Coordination and monitoring shipments.
  • Assessment and payment of suppliers.
  • Extensive negotiation skills.


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