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The Cloud office for 8% of pros users  August 29, 2013 – 00:24
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The Cloud, a real tidal wave , especially in the field of office automation tools, often first adopted by companies? Certainly not. At least not yet, says Gartner.

For the firm, the cloud-based office (and / or SaaS) and concern 50 million corporate users , only 8% of all users desktop systems in the world (excluding China and India).

The messaging engine as

The Cloud is not the norm so (but someone imagined it otherwise?). However, Gartner provides, this purpose is here to stay and acceleration is expected in the first half of 2015 and a penetration rate of office Cloud by 33% by 2017.

In 2022, a distant horizon, the firm expects 695 million professionals have switched to a desktop cloud technology type, or 60% of users. And not surprisingly, the first step is the adoption of e-mail.

On email, 10% of email accounts should be in business cloud or SaaS by 2014 type to 33% in late 2017. Growth that is expected to benefit Google and Microsoft.

Several access terminals for users

According to a previous study , Gartner estimated that 1% market share of Google in enterprise messaging, and with a market share in the email Cloud estimated at 50% in 2011.

But cloud adoption, again according to the firm, would be accompanied by another phenomenon: the increasing number of access terminals. In 2007, at the onset of cloud systems office, a single terminal was used to connect, so essentially a local application.

In 2013, up to four devices (tablet, personal computer, etc..) Can be used by user. While offering a greater diversity of access to employees, Cloud solutions have the advantage, in parallel, not to impose licensing costs, maintenance or additional update.

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