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An administrative assistant must be the jack of all trades and employees today: organizational skills, time and travel managers, coordination specialist, foreign language capabilities of contact for personnel matters and customer complaints. Quite clear that the responsibility has increased in recent years. That was also the salary of the office workers climb. Who wants to employ capable staff in the office, should definitely know what is being paid to make an attractive offer.

Unverzichtbar für den Erfolg einer Firma: die Allrounder im Büro Essential for the success of a company: the all-rounder in the office

Team Assistant with no work experience increase with average 26, 000 euros per year. However, you can work up to 40, 000 euros over 15 years. As assistant manager is the range 29000-55000 euro. Foreign language can hope Secretaries 30, 000 to 45, 000 euros. About every second in these occupational groups receive Christmas and holiday pay. Get 44 percent savings schemes. Every third person is pleased with flexible working hours.

Sought pension

In pure Secretarial Jobs annual salary from € 22, 500 are common. At forces with more than five years of professional experience leaders can expect at least 27, 500 euros per year. There are also additional services such as Christmas and holiday money saving schemes. Almost one third of employees in the Secretariat receives a pension.

In the personnel department has already invested a little more. An assistantship for the HR, is required for at least 10 years of experience, must be stated at a level of at least 42, 000. In addition, flexible work time is here already common practice in every other business, leaders should consider when tender of places. Marketing and PR assistants expect up to 40, 000 euros a year. One in five participants in the study also stated to have a company mobile phone. They expect it for future jobs.

In sales, the salaries of officers and Asisstenzen move roughly in the same range as in human resources and marketing. Shopping in hand, must be invested in new employees between 35, 000 euros per year (without work experience) and 51, 000 euros (with more than 15 years experience). Clerk in the import and export departments and logistics need to take an entry level position with compensation to the 20, 000 euros to be content. With experience, their salary increases to € 45, 000 per year.


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Office Automation

Is just what it sounds. Those things which AUTOMATE jobs in the office. Your resume should show this using action verbs and show a history, wihtout being vague....
Produced reports for yearly meetings of employees at Annual Convention.
Utilized Microsoft Word to write documents for daily correspondence, memos and blah blah blah.
Proficient in LexisNexis as required to research case histories for reports.
Hope this helps.

Microsoft automation

Means using macros/visual basic to carry out tasks.
All MS Office products can run vba scripts, and you can also tell one program to command another program to do something.
For example, running vba code in Access that will:
1) Start Excel
2) Go through all the records in a table
3) Insert data into a spreadsheet
4) Format the spreadsheet columns, borders, fonts, colors

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